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Today I had a wonderful experience at the New Orleans School of Cooking. I did the hands on class. There were only 10 in the class. We made pralines, gumbo, shrimp and grits, banana foster. Our instructor was Mark. He was wonderful. The class was a nice group of people. We all enjoyed the cooking and the food tasted delicious! Highlight of our trip to New Orleans.

"Always A Stop When We Visit The French Quarter"

We did not get to attend a cooking demonstration although we could see into the room that the class was a full house. Some of the scents wafted into the gift shop and I really need to book us a class! Eclectic selection of spices, food items and nifty tools for cooking! Always a great place to pick up a few last minute gits items other than the usual t-shirt or mardi gras mask!

"One of the Highlights of our Trip"

Attended a demo cooking class for gumbo, jambalaya, bread pudding & pralines , which was great. Even better was all the cultural and historical information that was given. Our instructor was Pat and I can't say enough good things about her!! She was wonderful about telling you the little cook's secrets that elevate the recipe to a higher level. So be prepared to take notes to enhance the recipe.

Great Experience

This is a really fun thing to do when visiting New Orleans. I don't particularly like to cook but I really enjoyed this. Tom was our chef. He not only showed us how to make each dish, but he gave us many history lessons on New Orleans and its people. The day we went he made gumbo, jambalaya, pralines and bananas Foster. As he finishes each dish, it is served to everybody. There was plenty, enough for anyone who wanted seconds. Everything was really tasty and we left feeling quite full, not needing to get lunch at all. The school is behind a really nice shop that sells all kinds of local spices, etc.

"Serious Fun and a Great Experience"

We were in New Orleans for a week in late October and we booked a number of tours all of which were really good. The best was the cooking class we signed up for at The new Orleans School of Cooking with Chef Kevin. My sister in law had been there 20 years ago and highly recommended it although she didn't remember the name. She described the chef as being a mountain of a man and when I saw someone who fit that description in the pictures I figured this was the right company,
I am sure happy that we got the right place.

The kitchen classroom had about eight round tables facing the kitchen and we sat with other guests so the conversation was great.

Chef Kevin cooked a full meal of cornbread, gumbo. red beans and rice . pecan pie and pralines he was very organized and was a good teacher providing hints about techniques , the food and the history of the cuisine. He provided recipes which we could take home as well as a coupon that could be used in the attached store. You need to buy Joe's Stuff a seasoning mix.

The best part of the course was the spontaneous and very funny running patter of Chef Kevin as each dish was prepared. I have been on a lot of tours and classes and most guides have a good presentation although it is often pre-scripted with the same joke time after time. Chef Kevin is a natural comedian and played off the people in the class in an improviational way . It has been along time since I laughed that hard and had so much fun. He is a real star. One couple at our table had been to his presentations four times and told us the presentation was different each time. I know we will be back in NOLA again and i will be sure to book another class with Chef Kevin. Thank you Kevin and your excellent staff for our best experience in New Orleans
ps I just used your recipe handout and one of your cookbooks to host a NOLA themed dinner party and it was a roaring success.

“The perfect team building event!”

I organized a team building event for my company with the New Orleans School of Cooking and it was a HUGE hit! We had our function at the Riverview Room which is on the top view of the Jackson Brewery. We were so impressed from the minute we arrived. The Riverview room has floor to ceiling windows and 5 terraces that overlook the beautiful Mississippi River. We each had a New Orleans School of Cooking apron and beads at our seats, that we got to take home with us.

Chef Kevin and his staff led us through the event with a small history lesson, then comedy, then FANTASTIC cooking. We had 5 teams that made gumbo, crawfish etouffee, spinach and artichoke mushrooms, veggie pasta and of course, bread pudding. The teams had a great time and the food was AWESOME! Each team competed with each other and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams won neat prizes which a New Orleans flair. We also had an open bar with New Orlean's local "Abita" beer, which was a nice touch.

The entire event was so much more than I expected. Chef Kevin had us rolling with laughter between all the great food we made.

I would HIGHLY recommend this event for business events or just a personal culinary adventure of cajun/creole cooking. It was the highlight of my trip to the Big Easy!!

Hey Chef Kevin..."thank ya, baby!"

“OK, this was really fun”

We took a hands-on cooking class with Chef Toya Boudy. She seemed to have almost as much fun teaching the eight of us as we had learning to make gumbo, barbecue shrimp and grits, bananas foster and pralines. I am a good amateur cook but learned some things in this class, including some really valuable information about how to make a perfect roux (which is the basis of SO much good food!) from blonde to very dark without burning it. I also enjoyed learning how she believes grits should be cooked and her method yielded excellent results which were better than my own.

My husband also had fun as we both got in there and cooked. All the work associated with cooking is done for you, including mise en place and cleanup. What participants do is put things together and learn how to finish the dishes, but you'll take home the recipes, the tricks of the trade that you'll learn from the chef and some information about New Orleans cuisine.

Oh, and you'll leave with a full tummy!

“Very fun!”

This was probably some of the best food of our trip, and learning how to cook it at the same time is even better! We did the demo in which the chef made corn and crab bisque, chicken etouffe, and pralines. Super yummy! I'm excited to try the recipes at home. Our class was rather small, which was great because more food! Everyone could go up for seconds. The chef answered all our questions and told some great stories along the way. We ended up buying the Joe's seasoning and the garlic sauce which holy cow, is that stuff good! You must try it while you're there. We had done 3 walking tours around the city throughout our trip, and the cooking school is a fun and different way to learn some more about NOLA history and it's food. Definitely make time for this if you can!!

“A fun way to spend a hot afternoon”

We walked in at 11 and on a whim, decided to sign up for the 2 PM class. We figured we'd be hot, tired, hungry, and thirsty and this would be an entertaining way to cool off.

The NOSC exceeded all our expectations. Our professor / chef was Kevin Belton. Who besides being a great chef and teacher, is an entertainer, TV chef, and all round great guy. He made us all comfortable and welcome. We had folks from all over the US, Kenya, South Africa, and Columbia. There were also a couple locals - a testament to Kevin.

We learned tricks to making gumbo, jambalaya, and praline, got a nice little meal from our lesson.

Can't wait to get home and try our hands at our own gumbo!

"If you are a foodie, this is the way to go!" - Cheryl, California

New Orleans School of Cooking Blog

We had a great time learning to cook New Orleans style cuisine during our three hour hands-on lesson. The chef was fun and informative. Starting the class with beer or wine was an excellent way to get people in the mood. If you are a foodie looking for a fun way to experience new cuisine while traveling, this is the way to go!

“Good food and entertainment!”

I attended a demo cooking class with our group of 14 girls (Bachelorette party) and boy, was it fun. We had Chef Ann cooking for us and she was a hoot. The class was a demonstration of how to cook gumbo, jambalaya, and pralines. Chef Ann shared her cooking tips as well as her great stories. The food was great. Recipes are provided to the audience as well as a coupon to purchase some seasoning kits at a lower price I would attend another class if given another chance.

“So happy we decided to take this class!”

This might very well have been the highlight of our trip! We talked about doing this before we left home, but never booked it. The weather looked like it was going to rain & we thought we might as well sign up for a class. It didn't rain - but VERY HAPPY it threatened to, or we may not have taken the class! It was a fun, educational, engaging class. We learned a LOT! Chef Michael was great. We took the Open Demonstration Class (I was on vacation, I didn't want to prepare a meal!! LOL). He made THE best gumbo I ever had - he set a new bar! Chef Michael shared a lot of history of food and the area, added humnor & served us outstanding food! You are sent home with recipes of the food that was prepared. They have a nice shop, where you can buy some of the specialty items he used to cook. Make sure you buy what you need...do'tt go homoe & regret you didn't buy it! (I wish Chef Michael was our tour guide on our Super City Tour - he would have been great!). THANKS for the great experience

“We had a GREAT time! And had a fantastic meal.”

“We had a GREAT time! And had a fantastic meal.” - Testimonials

We've discovered that taking classes while on vacation is a great way to have lasting memories. On our trip to New Orleans, we took a glass blowing class, and also decided to attend a cooking demonstration/class.

Julie our instructor was great! Easy to understand. Didn't rush through. Explained the why as well as the what. And the resulting food was fantastic!

Oh, and a picture of beer magically appeared on our table! Who could ask for more

"Loads of fun-DON'T miss this!" - Sandra, Illinois

"Loads of fun-DON'T miss this!" - Sandra, Illinois - Testimonials

My 2 dear friends and I recently visited NOLA for a birthday celebration. Seeking out fun things to do we saw New Orleans School of Cooking listed on Trip Advisor and decided to try it. It turned out to be highlight of our trip!! Toya, our adorable and fun-loving chef, gave a great cooking demonstration of delicious foods that would be easy to cook at home and that we sampled. Would do this again in a heartbeat. Also, New Orleans School of Cooking has a great cooking supplies store with lots of gift and home cooking items.

"A New Orleans MUST!" - Katie, Pennsylvania

"A New Orleans MUST!" - Katie, Pennsylvania - Testimonials

A New Orleans MUST. Especially as a couple it was nice to interact with others while visiting with good food and wine. My husband and I did the "hands on" cooking class. SO fun to cook local recipes, drink wine and eat the wonderful dinner we made with others and Chef Kevin. He is an entertaining and wonderful personality and true local. We got to keep our aprons and recipes and take the pralines! A memory we will always have!

"The whole experience was fun and engaging" - Paige, Canada

"The whole experience was fun and engaging" - Paige, Canada - Testimonials

This place is awesome!! Instructor Tom was so pleasant and helpful. I came here with my work group for a corporate event. We learned how to make: Shrimp Remoulade, Jambalaya, Gumbo, Banana foster crepes. It involved lots of hands on activities. We got to keep our recipes, and apron as our souvenirs. After cooking all the dishes we had a chance to sit down all together and enjoyed our lunch. All the staff are so nice and helpful. Definitely recommend this place. The whole experience was fun and engaging!

"Fantastic, not-to-be-missed experience" - Massachusetts

I attended a Sunday a.m., hands-on class, with Sarah Wood as our chef-instructor. Right from the start it was a great time... launched with our choice of cheery beverages (Bloody Mary, Mimosa, etc.), which definitely upped the hilarity in the classroom! The brunch menu included sweet potato & crab bisque, grillades, cheese grits, and bananas Foster -- and the fact that my partner and I were able to prepare all this within a reasonably short time still amazes me! (I'm also amazed at how quickly the food disappeared once we sat down to eat in our little dining area off the classroom!) For anyone remotely interested in food, cooking, or eating, this is probably among the best investments to be made while on a visit to New Orleans. Worth every penny... Run (don't walk!) to the New Orleans School of Cooking, and take a hands-on class with Sarah. You will be glad you did.

"This is a must do thing when visiting New Orleans!" - Sherri, California

"This is a must do thing when visiting New Orleans!" - Sherri, California - Testimonials

This is a must do thing when visitng New Orleans! You get to sit in a air conditioned room and get served with ice tea, beer or water. The Chef is definitely the star of the show and Wow! Did he put on a show! He made Gumbo, Jambalaya and Prailines. It was very easy to follow what he was doing and the food...I mean Wow! It was so good and the portions were generous and you can even get seconds. You will be entertained and you will be fed very well! Highly recommend it!

“Brilliant!” - Jean, Australia

“Brilliant!” - Jean, Australia  - Testimonials

This was exceptional! Miss Pat you are a treasure and you rocked the classroom. It was great to learn about the history and cultural influences on the cuisine whilst actually learning to cook these dishes. Great value for money as the class included a three course lunch, pralines, refreshments and a beer. I love what the School of Cooking has done for the local community but also how it has embraced tourists. You can purchase many of the base ingredients in the adjacent shop, along with loads of merchandise and cook books. Such a great incentive and exceptional execution. Thank you NO School of Cooking!

“New Orleans School of Cooking - Bucket List Topper!!! You gotta go there!!!!!!!!!!” -

A group of ten of us attended a demonstration class in New Orleans - on Halloween. OMG - we had an absolute BLAST!!! Harriet was our instructor and she was as funny as she cooked! Just saying, her gumbo was to die for!!! We watched her cook and listened to her stories. The woman is a pistol!! (She also had an uncanny resemblance to Dr. Ruth!!) I wished she was my grandma, along with everyone else in the class. We sat at a table for ten (all in our group) and were served beer galore along with gumbo and killer pralines. We all had tears in our eyes from laughing so much and full bellies from eating and drinking so much. After the demo and partying, we shopped till we dropped at the adjoining general store. We bought loads of spices and cook books and sauces. I would attempt Harriet's recipes (provided to each person) at home. I also met Miss Jeanne Marie Arceneaux , in charge of Marketing at the school. She was an absolute doll! I was curious about the hands on class and she took me and my group on a tour of the back room which housed cooking stations for customers who could cook and dine afterwards. There was a large table set for the class - wine glasses for pairings and all. I'm going back to take that class for sure!! Also bucket list standard in my books. The people and staff in this place were top notch, #1, second to none. The class is located in the French Quarter. Easy to walk to in that area. I strongly, highly and in a pushy manner - urge you to book a holiday in New Orleans and to attend one of these demos or a cooking class. It was definitely one of my vacationing highlights. Get yourself there for Halloween. Bring a crazy fun costume and I guarantee you will have the experience of a lifetime!!

I'm definitely going back again and again. The people are friendly, helpful and they go out of their way to assist you and answer your questions. I LOVE Doing this in N.O. I'll be back.

"Wonderful Informative Fun" - Plano, Texas

"Wonderful Informative Fun" - Plano, Texas  - Testimonials

Anne a lively grandma was our chef. She made the class fun with her commentary and knowledge from her cooking and life experience. Nuce tasting gumbo and creole chicken. With Abita Amber and pleasant table companions We are motivated to try this with our senior beach friends. Well worth going highly recommend it.


"GREAT EXPERIENCE" Sherri, Texas  - Testimonials

We were treated to Miss Pat's cooking class as part of a packaged Culinary Experience Tour.. As she prepared her dishes we sampled crab and corn bisque, shrimp creole, pralines and bananas Foster. All first class & we were given the recipes to take home as well. Miss Pat shared some wonderful stories and cultural history. I have been to NOLA many times, but learned a lot of new things and I HIGHLY recommend a cooking class here to anyone with an interest in cooking or New Orleans culinary history.

"Food, Fun and History" - California

I am a foodie and definitely wanted to have a cooking experience in New Orleans. We just took the basic demonstration class and it went far beyond my expectations. The demonstrator was fun, informative, and talked about the history of the people and the cooking. The food was excellent! And, I even made one of the dishes when I got home and my husband raved about it. Would definitely do this again.

"Local and loved it!" - New Orleans

I'm a New Orleans local and absolutely LOVED the cooking demonstration! Anne was exceptionally informative & entertaining. The food was delicious...and what a great deal! I'll definitely be going back.

"I can't say enough about this place...I was so impressed!" - Dean, Tennessee

"I can't say enough about this place...I was so impressed!" - Dean, Tennessee - Testimonials

Harriet "Mother" was just outstanding. An absolute spitfire. I can't say enough about this place...I was so impressed with the knowledge level of "Mother" as far as the history lesson we got of New Orleans and her cooking skills along with her entertaining personality. She really made the whole experience just incredible. For just $25 you get a little history of New Orleans, comic entertainment, an outstanding cooking lesson along with free beer and great food!!! The class I attended demonstrated how to make chicken jambalaya, chicken gumbo and pralines. You easily get your money's worth in food and beer. You also get 20% off almost everything in the store after the class. The gumbo, by the way, was probably the best I've had in New Orleans. Incredible! You also get all the recipes of what was cooked in the class. Great way to spend a few hours in New Orleans...I'll be back!

"Informative, Unique and Entertaining (with a Great Lunch!)" - Patty, New York

"Informative, Unique and Entertaining (with a Great Lunch!)" - Patty, New York  - Testimonials

Visiting the New Orleans School of Cooking is always one of the highlights of my family's trip to the Big Easy. We have been there 3 times now and have never been disappointed. During our latest trip, we chose the cooking demonstration class. The menu & instructor varies depending on which day of the week you choose. Classes are at 10am and 2pm. You line up inside the school's general store, where you can purchase most all of the items used in the demonstration, as well as other kitchen items and accompaniments - great souvenir choices for your home cooks. Michael is our favorite instructor. He is well-versed in the history of New Orleans cuisine and southern cooking. He is amusing, engaging and can whip up some fine New Orleans food. Included in the price of about $30 per person, you will get 4 food items (plus a delicious biscuit), iced tea, water, coffee and Abita Beer. You also get to take home the recipes for all of the dishes being served. As the instructor is providing you with a history tour of all things food-related, they are preparing and cooking your lunch, which is nothing but incredible. We started with the biscuit, light and fluffy. There are condiments on the table, so we tried the steen, which is pure cane sugar syrup, a perfect topping for the warm biscuit. Next was the corn and crab bisque soup - creamy, flavorful and satisfying. The shrimp creole has just the right amount of heat, steamy with plump shrimp in a tomato-based sauce. Then comes the indescribable bananas foster - the flavor is amazing and it is served with cold vanilla ice cream. Finally, the pralines - warm, gooey goodness. A very satisfying meal and wonderful trip through New Orleans-style cooking.

“Best tour” - Prince George's County, Maryland

There are a lot of sights and sounds in the Big Easy and tours for that matter but a true heart and soul of a visit to New Orleans is the soulful taste. My husband scouted this place before we arrived and booked us two seats. What a lovely treat to watch, smell and learn the tips and tricks of creole food. It was a seriously authentic 3 course meal with an amazing chef. He truly made the experience welcoming, yet fun. He was full of jokes and tons of history and stories about growing up.

We arrived about 15 mins prior to the tour. The general store isn't big. We thought it was a walking tour but learned it was just a sit down cooking demonstrating in which you enjoy the meal. No biggie. We got our monies worth. You are called in the order you purchased tickets. Even though we were the last to be called, the room was only 75% full with seats in the front. Can you believe it...why pass them up. All the seats were great though as it is a mirror November the stove allowing you to see the food cook. We sat, watched, learned, asked questions, and smelled the food for about an hour and a half. Then it was time. Dessert came before the side and entree. Who can have a problem with warm pralines? So delicious. Then the gumbo and jambalaya. Each day has a different menu. I have to say I had two cups of the gumbo with a dash of seasoning (increased the heat) and file (herbal seasoning added a filling). Bon appetite!

We were offered coupons in our recipe guide to go which we all ran to purchase the pre-packaged packs with the seasoning and some cookbooks. My husband got his signed by the chef

Bonus, asked the chef for some personal recommendations. He said Emeril's restaurant around the block, Mr. Ed's Oyster Bar, Irene's, Dukes, Legacy (said to get the shrimp wrapped in bacon) and JW. I can't imagine any cooking school in the area wouldn't be delicious. They all seemed to be priced the same. But I have to say this chef was hilarious and the food was truly a treat!

“Food; Drink & entertainment all in one place !” - Gayle H, Delaware

“Food; Drink & entertainment all in one place !” - Gayle H, Delaware - Testimonials

Had a great time at the New Orleans School of Cooking. Wasn't sure what to expect, it's really a great experience, you get to watch a cooking demonstration and eat the food that's prepared. You get good food, a drink (beer) and entertainment while learning how to make several New Orleans recipes. Our chef Harriet was the best - she gave great cooking tips, while giving us a mini history lesson about the city of New Orleans. The Crawfish Etouffee was delicious and so was the artichoke soup and pralines for dessert. You're allowed seconds & thirds if you have room for more. I highly recommend a visit to the New Orleans School of Cooking.

“So much fun!” - Tripadvisor

Three girlfriends and I visited New Orleans in September and this cooking school was just awesome! I loved that we learned so much history along with teaching us how to make some New Orleans classic dishes. The corn and crab chowder was the best! This tour is not only a blast but also very inexpensive for the amount of time and food you get to enjoy! Very fun and entertaining!

"They serve a mean gumbo!" - Sophie, Australia

"They serve a mean gumbo!" - Sophie, Australia - Testimonials

Housed in a former molasses bottling factory in the historic French Quarter, the New Orleans School of
Cooking offers classes in Louisiana style cooking from chefs. Lessons begin with a rousing 40-minute history lesson, supplemented by lemonade and locally brewed beer, and end with a three-course spread, including gumbo and New Orleans’ best-loved sweet treat, pecan pralines. Do yourself a favor and visit them next time your in New Orleans!

"Wow, New Orleans' best kept secret!!!" - Angela, Hawaii

"Wow, New Orleans' best kept secret!!!" - Angela, Hawaii - Testimonials

Wow, New Orleans' best kept secret!! For $25 bucks a cooking class, lunch included and pitchers of beer also included what what!!! The class was fun and informative. I definitely recommend it!!! We ate the gumbo, red beans rice, pecan pie and pralines. Everything was delish! Oh bring a pen ... You'll need to take notes ... For chefs secrets!!!

"A must do if your in town, you wont regret it." - Massachusetts

"A must do if your in town, you wont regret it." - Massachusetts - Testimonials

I brought my sister and her friends here for her bachelorette party. It was a great experience, the instructor was a hilarious woman, saucy, sassy and all of the above. We really enjoyed learning about the history of New Orleans, the culture and the history of its food. She demo'ed three dishes, a shrimp and artichoke soup (which I promptly came home and made again), crawfish étouffée and pralines. Everything was delicious informative and fun. People definitely came back up for seconds and the local beer was delicious!

“Hands-On Class a Great Experience” - Toronto, Canada

Travellers who may be considering visiting the New Orleans School of Cooking should be aware that there is a demonstration session as well as hand-on cooking class. The demonstration can accommodate larger numbers of people. The cooking class can accommodate 10 people cooking in pairs. The day we took the class, there were 8 participants.My friend and I had a blast! I like to cook and try new recipes, my friend maybe not so much, but we both thought the experience was terrific. Our chef instructor Austin was amazing. I felt at ease with him from the get-go. He was knowledgeable, informative, entertaining and patient. Getting to cook with him was a highlight and the food was great too! I would highly recommend this experience to those who like to get to know a bit about the culture of a place through its food, and enjoy learning by doing.

"Bridal Shower"

We had the best time during my daughter in law to be's bridal shower. Kevin Belton, our chef, kept us laughing the entire time. The out of towners got a first hand experience in southern cooking with history done in an amazingly entertaining way. The pralines were delicious as was our entire meal and special care was taken to accommodate our request to have the menu gluten and dairy free. We had the nicest 3 hours with endless champagne, lunch, time for games and opening presents. I would highly recommend this venue and I think I can speak for all of the 23 of the attendees. You have to book your next shower here and kudos and thanks to Kris Bravo and Chef Kevin Belton!

“Highlight of our trip” - Barbara, South Carolina

The almost fours we spent with chef anne were the most enjoyable of our four days. She is a wealth of information great cook and stand up comedian in one fun package. All recipes are really doable and lunch was generous as were the drinks and the laughter. Attached store also ships and we recommend their famous "joes stuff " spice to all. Pralines marvelous also made chocolate. No one should miss this opportunity to learn Cajun cooking history and make a new friend.

"Conference Treat" - Teiger, Minnesota

"Conference Treat" - Teiger, Minnesota  - Testimonials

My husband and I were invited by a vendor to participate in the Iron Chef competition. We had a blast! Must do for all! Great food and ambiance!

“Hands on cooking class” - Cleveland, Ohio

Absolutely the most fun part of our trip. You are set up at cooking stations in pairs with all the ingredients chopped up for you. The class is only up to 10 people (I think) so you're able to get a lot of one on one help from the chef. You cook and drink all the mimosas and bloody mary's you can handle and at the end eat at the back tables with the rest of your group. I saw the demo class and that looked nice too, but splurge and book that hands-on class....you will not regret it!

"You will absolutely love it!" - Robert, New York

Tried the lunch cooking class once and it was so entertaining. informational. funny and they fed you all you could eat to boot. SO good we went back the next day and did it again. Menu differs each day. We learned to make red beans and rice, jambalaya, pralines, bread pudding, gumbo, and crawfish pie. Now we go here at least once every year on our annual New Orleans trip. We stock up on spices and supplies in the gift shop and cook our own Nawlins favorites at home year round. What a value ... you get lunch, a show and a skill in about 2 1/2 hours for a very reasonable price.

"There is no reason NOT to stop by here when you're near the French Market area." - Christopher, Texas

"There is no reason NOT to stop by here when you're near the French Market area." - Christopher, Texas - Testimonials

We didn't take any of the classes but they really do have some cool things to pick up and take back as truly good items as a memory of NOLA.The in-house spice is very good and not too expensive. We picked up some Chicory to mix with coffee and it has really worked out. Everyone was really nice and the place smelled DELICIOUS!.There is no reason NOT to stop by here when you're near the French Market area. I think the smell of chocolate drew us in initially, but really glad we landed here.

"Great fun and great food!" - Scarlet, North Carolina

I love to cook and eat so for our trip, I knew I had to book a reservation for my husband and I! I signed us up for one of the "Demo" classes. I had really wanted a class where we cook as well, but they were already filled up for the times we would have needed. Any thoughts of disappointment because of not being able to "cook" left completely once we arrived. Our chef was Sandra and she was sensational! The entire time took 2 1/2 hours. Normally, one might think this would get boring over that time span. However, Sandra was super fun, witty, and very informative as she cooked and taught. She really taught us a lot about the history of NOLA and she kept it interesting. I'm not usually one for an extended history lessen, but she really kept our attention and made us laugh. The food prepared for us was an "Shrimp and Artichoke Soup" (this was our FAVORITE), "Crawfish Etouffee", "Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce" and "Pralines". Everything was so very good and all dishes were served as each of them were ready. We also got to enjoy some local Abita beers as well. The prepared recipes are printed off for each person to take home. HOWEVER, remember to bring a pen! Lots of good notes and tips were given on the prepared recipes as well as for cooking in general. You'll want to write them down! She also gave us great pointers for local restaurants as well. This made us glad that we did this almost immediately after arriving. It helped with our restaurant choices during our NOLA stay

"Would definitely recommend." - Galena, Missouri

"Would definitely recommend." - Galena, Missouri  - Testimonials

My husband & I took one of the demonstration classes. Our chef was a great storyteller and shared history in a way that made you pay attention. The cooking portion of the class was very informative and the food was great!

“Great shop and service” - Worcester, Massachusetts

We didn't get to attend a cooking class (although we could have because there were still spots open and next time we will!), but I wanted to review the shop and pralines. It's a really cute shop and not a hokey tourist spot. They sell lots of great local food and spices, kitchen gadgets and the BEST PRALINES IN THE CITY! We tasted pralines all over the city in our 3 days there and these were my favorite hands downs. And they're made fresh every day right in the shop. They have the original and chocolate. Both are amazing. I came home with a dozen and sent 2 dozen to family. Add this to your list of shopping destinations while in New Orleans.

“Hands-down, best experience of our New Orleans trip!” - Sara, Ohio

“Hands-down, best experience of our New Orleans trip!” - Sara, Ohio - Testimonials

The best way to get to know a culture is through its food... so my hubby & I were excited to take this hands-on class. Austin was a great instructor, coaching us through an appetizer (fried green tomatoes), main entree (drumfish & ratatouille), and dessert (pecan pie). He had a laid-back approach but still helped ensure that our food was delicious.

I am the cook in my family, so it was fun to see my hubby get in on the action. I learned some new techniques and am not intimidated by shrimp or fish anymore! We were in a group of 10 people total, and we had a fun time interacting & visiting with the other participants. (Though I could see where this could be NOT fun, depending on the group.)

And the best part? The food was phenomenal! I couldn't believe we prepared fish that was so tasty. (Back home in Ohio, my fish always turns out blah.) Such a great night.

“Best thing to do in Nola” - Paris

In summary, with only 30 bucks you will have: meeting new friends, live show with lot of fun by Steve who is not only a great cook but a real show man, a great lunch in a pure creole style, a guide of New Orleans, a great shop where to buy products and souvenir. My favorite of our visit of the beautifull New Orleans.

“Tons of fun, great class” - Andrew, Washington D.C.

This was one of the highlights of the trip. Our department head graciously booked us all for a hands-on cooking class as a team builder activity and it was a hell of a lot of fun. Beer and wine were included, so the libations made it quite an event. Our chef instructor was young, enthusiastic, and had a contagious passion for cooking southern food. We were split up into four groups, each group being in charge of one of the menu items (you can change the menu depending on your dietary restrictions): Gumbo, Stuffed Mushrooms, Jambalaya, and Bananas Foster. Obviously being such a big group, not everyone got to do everything, but I would suspect if you visit, you’ll be more hands-on in making each part of the menu. I was part of the Gumbo team, and specifically helped out in making the roux for the soup. I had never made gumbo before, let alone roux, so it was a great learning experience. After the cooking, we all sat and feasted on our creations, and although the food wasn’t super-duper restaurant quality, we loved it because we made it.

“Gets you in the NOLA swing!” - Irene, Texas

Took the gumbo, jambalaya, praline class...what fun! Chef Kevin was a hoot and the recipes were easy to follow and make. My gumbo made with his recipe came out just like Chef's. Make reservations early as you can classes fill up quickly. I would definitely do this again.

“Most authentic experience in New Orleans... and tasty!” - Australia

My partner & I travelling from Australia causally stumbled across the New Orleans School of Cooking walking home. Without looking at trip advisor reviews we booked a session for the following day due to our itinerary restraints. The head chef Toya was an amazing hostess (and cook). She was entertaining, informative and welcoming. She explained the history behind the dish which makes you appreciate every meal you come to eat in New Orleans. We we're very happy with our session and recommend you attend if in town, was very great value for money! We're looking forward to re-creating some recipes at home :)

“The only pralines worth buying!”

Amazing pralines! Not the creamy ones but the original sugary ones! They also offer cooking classes for various foods and pralines. A must see and taste!

“Fun Learning to Cook” - Jeff, Seattle

“Fun Learning to Cook” - Jeff, Seattle - Testimonials

I came away inspired to try how to cook Gumbo, Jambalaya and Pralines. Chef Toya is not only a great chef, but wants to show you how to prepare a meal easily. Not only is it a demonstration, but you get to eat a delicious meal. There is enough food for seconds if you want. There is also plenty of water, lemonade, ice tea and beer as well. You'll even get the recipes to try at home. This is a great educational and tasty time.

“Who knew that watching someone else cook could be so entertaining...?” - Andrea, Virginia

Our whole family (2 adults, 3 kids ages 14, 12 and 9) enjoyed our morning at the New Orleans School of Cooking. Our class had all of the components of a great morning: good food, a great instructor and lots of fun. Our instructor (an older woman who not only taught us about cooking, she also regaled us with stories about her family and the people/culture of New Orleans. It was a delicious history lesson with some life stories thrown in for good measure. Our family eats very healthy food and none of these dishes would I ever cook again (there was more butter in a single meal than I would normally use in a month!). It doesn't matter. The experience was such fun and we all had a good time listening to our instructor and tasting food that was out of our normal comfort zone. It was definitely worth it!

“Awesome teacher and delicious food! Very fun way to start the morning on our New Orleans trip.” - Toronto, Canada

We took the morning demonstration class which starts at 10am. It was a full class with many older couples (we were one of the youngest). The teacher Pat is a delight. She was sassy and cracked a lot of jokes. She had a thorough and entertaining introduction of the origins of New Orleans cuisine which ended up being one of the best history lectures. She cooked gumbo/jambalaya/bananas foster/pralines. It was a good amount of food, with room for seconds. They also served local beer and a variety of non-alcoholic drinks. The time flew by because it was so much fun. The classroom is attached to the school store with many neat things to buy like spice blends/recipe books/pralines galore/cooking souvenirs etc. I would highly recommend this as a fun introduction to New Orleans cuisine. You also go home with copies of the recipes. We booked online for this class the night before.


“Perfect!” - Testimonials

We attended the class that wasn't hands-on, but it was no less fun than if we'd been cooking it ourselves! We had Chef Kevin, and he kept us thoroughly entertained with his historical knowledge, cooking skills, and fantastic sense of humor. We were walked through gumbo, red beans and rice, pecan pie, and praline recipes. Everything was absolutely fantastic, and we had copies of the recipes to keep so we could make them on our own. Totally recommend this course to learn a little more about New Orleans, both the culture and the cuisine.

“Simply a must in the French Quarter!”

“Simply a must in the French Quarter!” - Testimonials

I would recommend this to everyone!! We had a party of 8-4 guys and 4 girls and we had a blast - took a cooking class! Anne was our instructor, she was so much fun! We had the opportunity to experience New Orleans style of cooking at it's best! She cooked and taught us history about the French Quarter! Got the inside tips on how to make a mean "Red Beans & Rice" too!

"Fantastic Event" - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ed's the Man! Expertly handling a group of approximately 50 seniors and a couple of crazy "younger" ladies, he was informative, charming, and funny, all the while educating us on the NOLA way of cooking. We watched him prepare Gumbo, Chicken Etouffe, Pralines and Bananas Foster…and then we got to eat all of it and wash it down with a nice cold beer! This was my favorite thing to do while spending a week in New Orleans and I highly recommend this for a group, although the apparently also hold smaller classes. The storefront also has great kitchen gifts and spices for sale. I would not recommend for children - this is a class you should be prepared to listen to and learn from as well as have a good time.