Joe's Stuff is a naturally low sodium, all-purpose seasoning blend used and loved by our family of chefs at the New Orleans School of Cooking. It adds that perfect spice to all of your dishes.You can use it as a spice rub or sprinkle it in your favorite pastas, vegetables or soups. Get crafty and even add to popcorn, eggs, or salad. Recently, we had a Facebook contest where we asked our customers for their favorite way to use Joe's Stuff. We have combined some of their favorite uses with ours and came up with this list.

5 Unique & TASTY Recipes Using Joe's Stuff

1. Joe's Stuff Crawfish Enchiladas- It's crawfish season and we cannot think of a better way to celebrate this Cinco De Mayo then with this traditional Mexican dish made New Orleans Style. Recipe Here

2. Bacon Coated With Joe's Stuff for Bloody Mary's-Bloody Mary's are a New Orleans staple and we take our garnishes very seriously. Recipe Here

3.Caramel Corn Topped with Joe's Stuff-This recipe takes savory and sweet to a whole new level! Recipe Here

4.Fried Green Tomatoes- In the South we LOVE anything Fried. This Fried Green Tomatoes recipe using Joe's Stuff in the batter really makes it unique and absolutely DELICIOUS. Recipe Here

5.EVERYTHNG- We might be a little biased, but Joe's Stuff is absolutely delicious on EVERYTHING. To purchase Joe's Stuff click here.

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