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Hurricane Isaac Party!

The only upside to a hurricane is a hurricane party! This is a tradition that New Orleanians have gotten quite good at. Typically the friend with the most sturdy house, on the highest ground, which has the fewest 100 year old+ trees swaying all about is the host. The guests usually stay for about three days and are expected to bring: blow up mattresses, blankets, flashlights, batteries, can goods, water and booze – booze being an especially important element to the party. During most hurricanes, everyone will most likely loose power, and because of this, grilling is usually the source of food. It is also a great way to clean out the fridge of perishable goods. Since we are in the midst of a hurricane party here in New Orleans, why not celebrate with us with a Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane. Enjoy their delicious recipe, but be careful it is powerful!

Pat O’Brein’s Hurricane Recipe:

1 oz vodka
1/4 oz grenadine
1 oz gin
1 oz light rum
1/2 oz Bacardi® 151 rum
1 oz amaretto almond liqueur
1 oz triple sec
grapefruit juice
pineapple juice

Directions - ?Fill a tall glass 3/4 full with ice.? Pour all the alcohols in first, then follow with equal parts of grapefruit and pineapple juice.

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