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New Orleans School of Cooking - Social Media

The New Orleans School of Cooking is more than a school where you can learn to make great food, it is a community of people coming together to better themselves and grow together through achieving culinary greatness. The school has an informative website full of avenues for their students to find out everything they don’t know about what they do best. From the food to the parties and events, their social media can tell you anything and everything with just a few clicks that will take you from point A to point B on your journey to find out that there is not a better place to take a class and learn than the New Orleans School of Cooking.

Facebook is a social media utility that most everyone is familiar with. On the New Orleans School of Cooking’s Facebook Page you can see pictures posted by previous students, get testimonials about chefs who teach there, and get inside tips from their chefs on certain recipes. Facebook is a great way for past and prospective students to share their experiences and expectations. This forum also opens up a great space for the teachers to talk openly about certain recipes, classes, and how they operate.

Twitter is another fun tool that allows its users to post short but sweet updates on events their having. The New Orleans School of Cooking uses Twitter to communicate with its social following to update them on giveaways, open spots in ongoing classes, awards they’ve won, and special recipes for special events. Both Facebook and Twitter are great ways to keep in touch with their students.

Social media is an irreplaceable tool for businesses. It provides a forum for businesses to communicate with their customers and for their customers to activate communicate amongst themselves. Facebook and Twitter are open streams of communication that are real comments and real opinions shared between real people. And the pictures they can post, that give up close and personal views of what they do and how they do it, gives potential students a better idea of what to expect. Here in New Orleans, this school is the best place you can go to learn about real New Orleans cuisine, and their social media networks can prove that to you, you’re only a click away.

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