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New Orleans School of Cooking - Delicious Treats!

In New Orleans we enjoy a lot, and food has to be one of the top five most desirable things we go after. However, most people associate New Orleans with only seafood or fried foods. I’m here to tell you down in the Big Easy we have more to please the palate then deeply seasoned bread crumbs, or fruity drinks.

Let’s talk about something the locals wish you wouldn’t find out about just so they can keep more to themselves.

Fitting both your first meal of the day or the last thing you think about before you go to sleep, coffee and dessert are hand in hand some of the best eating you’ll do here in New Orleans.The New Orleans School of Cooking has coffee and sweets in stock in their general store, and you can buy them for your own personal use or of course to take any of their classes which feature these delicious items.

The Louisiana General Store, part of the New Orleans School of Cooking, has premium New Orleans style coffee and desserts from you to choose from. To start, they sell Cafe Du Monde Coffee and Chicory, also in decaf, Cafe Du Monde French Roast Coffee, and Community Coffee New Orleans Blend.

The New Orleans School of Cooking puts their own all natural pralines on the line and also sells Cafe Du Monde beignet mix and if you want a little bit of everything they offer a Cafe Du Monde basket with assorted brand goods. These wonderful treats can be purchased for yourself, or as wonderful gifts to take or send home to your loved ones.

As you can see New Orleans isn’t only about fried foods and Cajun seasoning, every now and again we enjoy sitting down with some cream and sugar. The New Orleans School of Cooking offers all these things and will even show you how to make them.

If you’re coming from out of town, you have to stop by and take home a little piece of New Orleans, so that when you get home, the sun is setting and you can still hear the saxophones from the French Quarter in your mind, you can blend up some delicious New Orleans coffee, close your eyes and be right back in the city in your own home.

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