Foodie Friday: Crockpot Bloody Mary Flank Steak


1 small onion, cut into large chunks
2 ribs of celery, cut into 2 inch pieces
1.5 – 2lb flank steak
1 1/2 cup ZING ZANG
4-5 cloves of garlic, minced
2 teaspoons prepared horseradish
2 Tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon hot sauce
2 Tablespoons fresh lime juice (about 1 lime)
1/4 teaspoon celery salt
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon of Joe's Stuff


1. In a large 1-gallon ziplock bag, mix together ZING ZANG, garlic, prepared horseradish, Worcestershire sauce , Joe's Stuff, hot sauce, lime juice , celery salt, salt, and pepper. Add the flank steak to the bag, Seal the bag and marinate in the refrigerator for 8- 12 hours.

2. Place onion and celery pieces at the bottom of the crockpot. These will act as a “meat stand” for the steak, to prevent the meat from sitting on the bottom of the crockpot and drying out.

3. Put marinaded flank steak on top of onions and celery. Pour the marinade over the steak. Cover and cook for 4-5 hours on HIGH or on LOW for 7-8 hours.


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