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Cooking School of Olympics

Here in New Orleans we have a great American melting pot of people. This city has everyone from everywhere and at times you can imagine how hard it might be to have brought all those people from all different places together. Finding common ground and building relationships with just about anyone requires skill, intelligence, and food. At the New Orleans School of Cooking they offer team-building events which utilize all of these things to help bring you and any group of people closer together so that you can work easily with each other.

If you have a group of people and you find yourself in this amazing city you’re going to have to eat eventually, so why not incorporate your entire team and pull them closer together with good original New Orleans food?

The New Orleans School of Cooking offers popular events for corporate clients, incentive groups, even school or family reunions. What these events seek to accomplish is to pull your group together as a cohesive unit through some fun and inventive friendly competition.

There are two suggested formats:The Cook-off Challenge and The Cooking School Olympics. Both require your group to divide into equal teams and each format has subtle differences.

The Cook-off Challenge: Each team must work together to prepare a dish without a recipe with the ingredients provided.

The Cooking School Olympics: Teams are guided through four rounds of competition including: cake decorating, drink mixology, a culinary challenge and much more. The Cook-off Challenge is $120.00 a person for up to one hundred and twenty guests, the Cooking School Olympics is $130.00 a person for up to one hundred and twenty guests, prices include three challenges, and additional challenges are available upon request.

Each challenge includes an open self serve bar and a gourmet cooking station for three hours. One team is declared the winner based on points accumulated throughout the events, these points are awarded based on presentation, use of ingredients, teamwork, and taste. The New Orleans School of Cooking offers door prizes for individuals based on anything you wish you reward.

But if you’re looking to give the overall winning team something special, don’t forget the Louisiana General Store where you can buy gift baskets and cook books to commemorate your event.

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